August 03, 2017

Samba FC Announces Reserve Team For 2017-18 Season


SFCSA Communications
August 03, 2017 - 9:30AM CST

San Antonio, TX – Samba FC SA announced Monday that the club has signed players to roster their reserve team for the 2017-18 season. The team will be comprised of some of San Antonio's talented youth premier players and a select number of the most elite high school juniors and seniors.

“This is a great opportunity to provide our younger players a professional environment to compete in and also develop them for our first team,” said owner & general manager, John Rexroat. “Our commitment to developing local soccer players in San Antonio is number one and adding a reserve team within our club strengthens that.”

The Samba FC reserve team will train at the club’s training facility Wheatley Heights Sports Complex 2 and will compete in the men's premier leagues. Team roster, preseason schedules and coaching staff information can be obtained at the club's website.